Britney Spears Spends Night Locked In Bathroom, Sparks Major Concern Among Fans

There was a time when the theory that Britney Spears was sending coded messages to her fans via Instagram may have sounded like am outlandishly paranoid fantasy.

But now that Britney’s testimony in her conservatorship hearing confirmed the public’s worst fears, there’s not a single aspect of her life that’s above suspicion. 

And her social media activity has indeed proven rich with hidden meaning.

So when Spears became involved in a bizarre incident at her home last night, her fans were quick to put on their detective hats. 

It appears that Britney is being straightforward about the difficulties she experienced in the dead of night.

But many of her fans are convinced that the situation she described was some sort of elaborate metaphor.

Alongside a photo of an unremarkable brown door, Britney described getting locked inside her own bathroom in the middle of the night.

“At 2am I decided to take a bath !!!!” Spears captioned the pic.

“I got a new scented lotion from Victoria’s Secret and I wanted to wear it because it helps me sleep better !!!!”

She went on to explain that “the lock was stuck” and she “got locked in the f–king bathroom.”

Spears explained that boyfriend Sam Ashgari “was sleeping” and explained that “even if there are earthquakes he doesn’t wake up.”

At that point, Britney employed the power of positive thinking to help free her from her late night imprisonment:

“I just looked at it for the first time with a yearning of just wanting it to open … would my eyes trick me and make it happen faster ???” she wondered.

“My eyes widened and the door was more clear … more vast … I could see it with clarity and brightness … please open door.”

It was then that Britney’s security detail finally responded to the ruckus she made while trying to free herself.

“‘We’re here!’ They said … I asked how long it would take to open … and they said ‘oh, maybe 10 minutes. !!!!” Spears continued.

“The old coffee I had left over from the morning was there … I started feeling foggy so I drank it … I was reenergized and started speaking again!!!” she went on.

“Are you guys there ???” … ‘Yes we are!’ They said, ‘Stand back, we’re going to open the door!'”

At that point, Britney experienced a feeling of freedom that’s been sadly absent from her life in recent years.

“It opened … it finally opened !!!!!” she concluded.

Not surprisingly, fans were convinced that there was more to the situation than meets the eye.

“Girl has a PhD in metaphor,” one commenter wrote.

“A metaphor for the doors finally unlocking for you?!!??” another wondered.

“Queen of patiently waiting for freedom!” a third chimed in, adding:

“We love you, and you have a wave of people who love and support you!”

Now, if we had to guess, we would say that Britney was just sharing a story of a bizarre incident that happened to her late last night.

But who knows? Maybe the locked door is her conservatorship, and the stale coffee represents Britney’s new lawyer … or something.

We’ll leave it to all you Britney scholars out there to piece this one together.

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