Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts had to give 40% of winnings to tax

Paul Potts was forced to give 40 percent of his Britain’s Got Talent money away in tax.

The tenor singer, who was the first ever winner of the talent show, bagged a large amount of cash but wasn’t able to enjoy all of it.

Reminiscing about it over a decade after his win in 2007, the 48-year-old was candid about his financial woes.

He told Radio Times: ‘I won £100,000, but it was taxable, so about 35-40 percent of it went straight away.

‘It’s because in winning Britain’s Got Talent you use a skill. If it was a quiz, it wouldn’t be taxable – that’s the taxman’s argument, anyway – but if you use a skill, then it’s employment.

The former Carphone Warehouse manager, who performed amateur opera before going on the ITV show, had an interesting take owing money.

The singer said: ‘There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes!

‘Some went to paying off debts, and the rest went towards setting up me and my wife for life.’

Paul, who is best known for his rendition of Nessun Dorma, transformed his life overnight, having previously worked in retail for years, but explained last month how he was very uncertain about auditioning in the first place.

Speaking on This Morning to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, Paul said: ‘Well, I flipped a coin to even enter because I caught my reflection in my laptop when I was doing the application form and I thought, “There’s no way on earth they’re going to pick you. You’re too old, you do the wrong kind of music, and you’ve got such a great face for radio, why would they pick you?

‘So I flipped a coin then, and thankfully it landed on heads. I wasn’t going to give it best of three, because I didn’t think I’d get chosen anyway.’

Explaining how it changed his life, Paul added: ‘The biggest change it gave me was to enable me to do what I love doing.

‘I’m often asked and compared to other contestants on similar shows, and when they’re not perceived as being as successful, and my reaction is always to say well, if you’re doing what you love doing, doesn’t matter what it is, you could be a road sweeper, you could be a dustbin man, as long as it’s what makes you, you. It doesn’t matter about the money.’

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