ASAP Rocky is Straight Up Getting Clowned for His Sex Tape

Forgive the very obvious opening, but:

It certainly appears as if ASAP Rocky has got some “f-ckin problems.”

On Thursday, footage from what certainly looks to be a sex tape featuring the controversial rapper went viral, with fans pointing to tattoos on the man in the video resembling those on the hand and the body of this 31-year old artist. 

For the record, the man’s face does NOT appear in the sex tape.

ASAP Rocky, who made news this summer after President Donald Trump tried to force Sweden to release the star after he got arrested in that country for assault, has not yet said anything about the video in question.

He has not verified his naked role in it or denied his participation in it.

But, boy oh boy, does the Internet have a whole lot to say!

“asap rocky and this weak ass sex tape is making me so sad,” one fan Tweeted, unimpressed with the actions on screen.

Another wrote: “Just saw Asap Rocky’s sex tape and it was super duper wack. Don’t even waste your time looking for it. His stroke is weak.”

Ouch, you guys.

Say what you want about Ray J (seriously, go right ahead!), but these were not the kind of reviews he earned after the Kim Kardashian sex tape went public.

Other social media users, meanwhile, referred to the biggest political story of the moment in trashing Rocky for his pathetic performance on this tape:

“impeach asap rocky for that sextape,” this individual joked, while yet another added:

“ASAP Rocky’s sex tape was more disappointing than my grades this semester.”

We’re just goonna go ahead and assume this person did not make Dean’s List.

Earlier this year, the rapper revealed that he’s a sex addict.

“I’ve been a sex addict for some time. Since then [junior high], I presume so,” Rocky said on an episode of WE tv’s “Untold Stories of Hip Hop” in October.

This, of course, makes this entire scandal that much more perplexing.

Shouldn’t someone who has admittedly had tons of sexual intercourse be a lot better at it?

Other notable reactions include:

That ASAP rocky vid boosted my confidence a little ngl.

after that vid asap rocky should be called asap softy.

Twitter is having me in tears about the whole Asap rocky vid.

We’ll update this story with Rocky’s defense of his abilities if he issues any.

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