Alec Baldwin Imagines Trump’s Concession Speech in ‘SNL’ Cold Open – Watch!

Alec Baldwin is suiting up as Donald Trump for possibly the last time.

The 62-year-old actor once again impersonated Trump for the Saturday Night Live cold open on Saturday, November 7.

SNL started off their first episode after it was revealed that Joe Biden won the election by imagining what Trump‘s concession speech would be like, since he actually hasn’t conceded yet.

As Trump, Alec started off his speech by claiming that he was re-elected as president.

“As anyone who died halfway through Tuesday knows, I was re-elected president of the United States,” Alec said, while pointing to a map of the U.S. and boasted about how red the states were – only to realize it was a COVID map.

He then chanted, “Stop the count!” until he was told off-screen that he was actually behind, then he started chanting, “Count every vote!”

Before the new episode of SNL aired, Alec reacted to Trump losing the election saying that he’s so happy to not have to play the soon-to-be ex president again.

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