Aaron Carter Breaks Up With Melanie Martin: Shes Moving to Vegas With a 90 Day Fiance Star!

We don't often say this about celebrities, but … Aaron Carter has had a pitiable life in many ways.

Child stars often have a hard time, both when it comes to coping with adulthood and dealing with their families.

Aaron isn't just no exception — he is a grim example of both of those struggles.

This time, he isn't making headlines directly over his paranoia or mental health struggles.

Last week, Aaron and his fiancee Melanie Martin welcomed their child, Prince, via emergency C-section.

This week, in a lengthy Twitter threat, Aaron is declaring that things are over between him and Melanie.

His hurt feeliings are very real.

Describing why he feels betrayed by Melanie, Aaron had something else to add.

According to him, she's leaving him and taking their son to Las Vegas, where she plans to move in with Larissa Lima's ex-friend Carmen Nys.

This is not the 90 Day Fiance crossover that anyone asked for, but apparently, it's what we're getting.

Take a look at Aaron's many heartbroken tweets … and check out Carmen's response at the end. Oof.

1.Aaron Carter has some rough news

2.At the center of it all is family drama

3.So what happened?

4.Is this part of a pattern?

5.It's over

6.Aaron primarily blames his family

7.Clearly, he's in shock

8.This went on for so long

9.Aaron is sleeping in his car?

10.Aaron's old family destroyed his new one

11.Now he feels like he has no one

12.Is he sure?

13.This isn't new, and it's not clear why he shared it

14.Melanie is leaving for Vegas?

15.Who is Carmen?

16.Carmen has played host before

17.Aaron is fuming

18.Can't he just move past this?

19.It's all so devastating

20.What's this, now?

21.Back to Melanie …

22.Again, unforgivable

23.His priority right now is his son

24.Aaron also has fans

25.Aaron says that he's a single father

26.This sounds painful

27.Someone had to ask

28.Another more coherent tweet, finally

29.Carmen had something to say, too

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