90 Day Fiance The Other Way Sneak Peek: Meet Evelin and Corey!

Ever since viewers saw the first trailer for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, they’ve wondered what they should think about all 12 people involved.

Now, TLC is dropping individual sneak peeks to give viewers a better impression of individual couples.

This week, we got a look at Corey and Evelin and their love story. Take a look:

“I’m giving up everything I have to follow my heart and move down to Ecuador for love”

“My name is Corey, I’m 32 years old,” he says, adding that he is from Washington state.

“I met Evelin in a very beachy, tourist town,” Corey reveals.

“I see this girl,” Corey narrates. “And she’s super pretty.”

“She comes walking up to me,” he recalls. “And I’m thinking: ‘This only happens in the movies, right?'”

“My name is Evelin,” her voiceover begins.

“I am 26 years old,” she reveals. “And I am from Engabao, Ecuador.”

Corey then chimes in to tell viewers what they can expect from the little hamlet where she lives.

“Engabao is covered with pigs,” Corey states. 

Sure enough, we see pigs and other quadrupeds wandering what appear to be muddy streets.

“it’s very scary,” Corey admits.

As with any reality show voiceover, it’s not made explicitly clear what the context of “scary” is.

We imagine that the antecedent may be the prospect of moving from the United States to a muddy hamlet in Ecuador.

He’s not necessarily saying that the place itself is dangerous.

Otherwise, presumably, he would not be moving there.

“But I’m willing to do whatever it takes,” Corey expresses as the trailer continues.

He then states: “It’s all for Evelin.”

We then see a heartbreaking scene in which he speaks to his parents to deliver the news.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m headed down to Ecuador, permanently,” he tells his folks.

His mother wipes away a tear.

“Once I arrive in Ecuador,” Corey explains to the camera. “I’ll have 90 days to propose to Evelin and get married before my visa runs out.”

For some of the non-American 90 Day Fiance shows, visitors have all of the time in the world.

But it looks like either Ecuador’s immigration laws or TLC (well, Sharp Entertainment) are forcing Corey to stick to the titular timeframe.

A lot of fans have real doubts about whether Corey and Evelin will make it to the alter.

Even more are unsure of whether they should.

He’s spent thousands of dollars on her and her family, and the first trailer made it look like maybe she wasn’t really into him.

Fortunately, these two are so good together that the Ecuador tourism bureau has a photo of them working side-by-side that they use in ads.

Earlier this month, we revealed the spoiler that Corey and Evelin make it and are very much in love.

The show makes it seem like Evelin has just been bilking Corey for money because she’s hot and he’s American.

In reality, he’s invested in her family’s business, he loves exploring the world, and he and Evelin both love surfing together.

And by the way, she’s visited the US by his side. The photo at the top of this post is of the two of them in San Francisco.

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