The One Nail Color Your Sign Should Wear for Libra Season, According to an Astrologer

Libra season got here on September 22, and along with that came fall. But while the temperatures may be dropping, here's some good news: the next 30 days will bring balance, harmony, and love our way — but, only if we are willing to embrace it.

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One way to do so? Switching up your manicure.

Libra season is the perfect time to try out a new nail polish color that allows you to embrace your dreams and visions. After all, you need to wear a stylish nail polish while drinking those pumpkin spice lattes.

Find out which shade your sign should be wearing for Libra season 2021, ahead.

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Libra: Olive & June Wild & Free

A beautiful pinky peach hue will set off the right vibes for fall. Not only will this polish bring love, money, and confidence to you — but wearing this color is going to give you the opportunity, inspiration, and desire to make your seasonal dreams a reality. You got this, Libra.

Scorpio: Butter London Proper Do

The month ahead will allow you to embrace your edgier sentiments and shadow side. This nail polish is going to help you see the deeper meaning in matters, as well as offer protection from the negativity of others. Wearing this dark color will protect your energy from psychic vampires, too.

Sagittarius: Essie Good Vibrations

Always one to look for the silver lining in any and every situation, this nail color pick will remind you to keep your optimism high — especially when the going gets tough during Mercury retrograde. In true spirit, you’ll keep your chin up and positivity high with this nail polish to keep your sentiments in check. 

Capricorn: Butter London Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly Preserve

This sweet strawberry color will remind you to take time out of the upcoming intense laborious days you have ahead at work and enjoy the other aspects of life. Although you’ll be burning the midnight oil, this nail color will have you thinking about la dolce vita, or at least your upcoming vacation days, if you can’t take time off now.

Aquarius: Orly Fairy Godmother

You always walk to the beat of your own drum, now you’re finding comfort in doing your own fashion-forward thing. This is why wearing rose gold nail polish is an ideal way to set yourself apart from others. You’ll be able to make yourself known for your unique style.

Pisces: Côte No. 68 Peacock Green

You tend to get lost in dreams, which is perfect for this season’s deep and sentimental vibes. Now, you’ll be able to find solace embracing your deep sentiments when wearing this nail color on your fins that is flashy, romantic, and tender — all of which are perfect for you.

Aries: Essie Expressie Air Dry

Finding balance is hard for everyone, especially you. The next month will bring major changes your way, which is going to make it hard for you to find your footing. A light and soft seasonal blue is going to help you find peace of mind and inner peace right now.

Taurus: Dior Night Bird 814

You’re planting the foundation for the future and relishing in the abundance of riches that you have now, which means that you are needing to wear greens and earth tones. After all, this is your harvest and growing season. Also, it’s a potent and energetic time for intention setting and manifestation.

Gemini: Sundays No. 29

Romance is in the air, which is why you should adorn your nails with a playful color like burnt lavender to ensure that you’re bringing more positive vibes and love into your life in the weeks ahead. Instead of thinking about the future, live in the moment and have fun.

Cancer: Butter London Brolly

It’s not that you aren’t wanting to step outside and breathe in the autumnal air, you’re just focusing on healing and relaxing in your spare time. A dark and deep blue nail polish will aid you on the spiritual and wellness journey that you’re embarking on in the upcoming weeks.

Leo: Manicurist Green Peonie

You’re feeling more like a social butterfly than you have in a while, Leo. And, there is truly no better color for you to wear on your nails while speaking from the heart than a bright pink. It’ll let you use your words with kindness and bring in loving vibes.

Virgo: Static Nails Toasted Sugar

This beige color is the perfect shade to wear on your nails to keep that post summer glow shining bright. Plus, it looks great with every color under the rainbow, if you decide that you want to mix up your wardrobe by adding a bit of autumnal inspiration this season.

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