Shoppers Say This Scar-Clearing Cleanser ‘Has Honestly Changed My Life’ — and It’s Just $10

Everything's relative on the Internet. For instance, I could happily watch a livestream of goats all day, where someone else might prefer to watch Gamestop's stock bounce like a yo-yo. Hundreds of reviews for a product might stand out, until you're greeted by something else with thousands — like, say, the 3,500+ five-star reviews for Carbon Theory's Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar. 

One thing that's not up for debate? Shoppers truly, deeply love this brand's $10 cleansing bar, both for clearing up stubbornly resistant acne scars, and kicking out the acne that starts it in the first place. Ulta reviewers call it the "best, most consistently effective" acne product they've ever used, able to fully vanquish maskne and hormonal acne in one use (without impacting your skin's overall moisture, like some drying treatments).

The bar's beauty is that it acts like a cleaning crew around inflammation and post-pimple scars, per shoppers, healing, fading and lightening them in record time. The results are "almost instant" within a few days of using the cleanser for a 30-second nightly wash, thanks to the bar's winnowed-down, ultra-effective formula of tea tree oil, glycerin, shea butter, and charcoal powder. With it in hand, multiple shoppers say they welcomed a full year of clear, glowing skin, even those that compare their near-30s skin to that of a 13 year old. 

Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar

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It typically takes a couple weeks to see how a skin product is actually going to perform, but according to Ulta shoppers, that's not the case for Carbon Theory's "miracle bar." In around a week, one shopper says it's "honestly changed my life:" Acne scars have cleared up and oily skin has turned over a new leaf, welcoming a new era of easy softness and manageability. Within a week, even reviewers with PCOS — known for its irascible acne — write that their painful, under-the-skin spots are almost entirely gone, and at long last, they don't have a face full of acne. 

"For the first time in my life, I have completely clear skin," one shopper writes. "I cannot recommend this enough!" Another says that with all the hype, they weren't sure it could meet their high expectations. Yet the miracle-worker came through, clearing shoppers' skin and evicting scars that had been in residence for months. The quality is incredible, they say, and it lasts for so long that some call it "made with magic." We might not be able to go to actual bars yet, so for now, getting joy from this one is maybe the best we can do. 

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