'Matcha nails' are trending – here are some of our favourite looks

A matcha latte not only tastes delicious, but is aesthetically-pleasing, too.

And this visual appeal is now translating over into the world of beauty.

Yes, it seems things are getting a whole lot greener in the nail department – hot off the heels of ‘cold girl’ and ‘blizzard’ nails.

Whether you’ve spotted them on Instagram or on a friend’s fingertips recently, ‘matcha nails’ are currently growing in popularity – as people are going green in their designs.


Rochelle Humes is the latest celebrity to jump on the trend, showing off her ‘matcha mani’ at the weekend on Instagram. Her design involved a simple manicure – but with green tips, instead of classic French ones.

This is just one way to embrace the look. 

As with any beauty trend, ‘match nails’ are open to interpretation and personal style – whether that’s a colour block variety, or some jazzy patterns incorporating the familiar shade.

Or, keep it simple and opt for an all-over green look – à la Portia from The White Lotus, or like Kendall Jenner’s Instagram manicure last September.

There’s lots of room for experimentation. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite matcha mani looks from Instagram for you to take to your next nail appointment – or to simply try at home.

Matcha nail inspiration:


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