I'm Begging You: Try the Viral Toilet Paper Makeup Challenge From TikTok

I have two jars filled with every eyeshadow brush I could ever need or want, so why would I choose to apply my eyeshadow with toilet paper, you ask? Because of TikTok. The toilet paper makeup challenge that’s going around on the video sharing app shows makeup lovers stamping eyeshadow pigments onto their eyelids using a balled-up wad of toilet paper to create a watercolor effect. I decided to try it.

A quick scroll through the challenge hashtag #toiletpapermakeupchallenge and it’s clear this unconventional makeup trick lends itself to bright, vibrant colors. So, I grabbed my Tarte Adelaine Morin Palette ($39), my tripod, and the roll of toilet paper from the bathroom (sorry to my boyfriend who was left very confused by my actions), and got to work.

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