Hey, You: It's Time to Switch Up Your Hairstyle and Try on a Pink Wig

IMO, a makeup look is incomplete without your hair done. Yes, a beat can be absolutely snatched and glowing on its own—but, without any hairstyling, it all just seems…off. Hey, that’s just what I think! And if you’re in the same boat, you’ve probs had moments where you wanted to explore different ways to make your locks stand out. Maybe it’s a cut or adding some fun colors. Thankfully, an easy way to up your mane game is to just simply throw on a wig. In this episode of Cosmo Queens, we’ve collected the BEST pink wig lewks that exist from our trusted professionals just for you.

Of course, there are hundreds and hundreds of wigs out there and an uncountable amount of shades of pink, so we had Farrah Moan, London Adour, Sandy Devastation, and Trinity Taylor show off their flirty faux hairpieces so you could see what your vibe may be! It’ll be v hard to pick a favorite!

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