FYI, lash botox is better for your eyelashes than a standard lash lift

Written by Morgan Fargo

Lash botox treatments are gaining in popularity, with many choosing to do it at home. Here’s what to know before you try it yourself. 

Lash botox, as a concept, isn’t actually as new as it feels – it’s an add-on to the simple but effective lash lift treatment. Characterised by shiny, defined, lengthened eyelashes, the #LashBotox TikTok hashtag has over 14.9 million views with many users showing how they get the effect at home. 

A solid low-maintenance beauty option, lash botox can help you cut down on eye make-up and get ready time – handy if you’re in a committed relationship with the snooze button. 

What is lash botox?

“Surprisingly, lash botox has nothing to do with the medication we inject to relax fine lines and wrinkles,” explains Dr Sophie Shotter. 

Instead, it’s a combination of a lash lift treatment with a keratin mask – a little like the ones used for our scalp and hair. It can be infused with various nourishing oils and peptides to help strengthen and repair the lashes, making them look thicker and stronger.”


How is lash botox different from a lash lift?

“A lash botox treatment can involve a lash lift, but it also uses a mask that promotes the health of the lashes and helps strengthen them, too. A lash lift doesn’t do anything for the health of the lashes, whereas this does.”

“Lashes will look thicker and longer, but the treatment will help to repair broken lashes and promote better growth as well.”

Are lash botox treatments safe?

“For most people, yes. But if you’re prone to sensitivities or have easily irritated eyes, then it may be best avoided.”

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