An Olympic Boxer Teaches How to Learn a Perfect Jab in Less Than 3 Minutes

Former Olympian Tony Jeffries retired from the world of professional boxing in 2012 with an undefeated record. Since then, he has been sharing his experience and expertise as a fighter on his YouTube channel, where he breaks down technique for beginner boxers. In a recent video, Jeffries demonstrates how to throw the perfect jab, honing in on the four key criteria—speed, power, accuracy, and return position—all in less than three minutes.


One way to improve the speed of your jab is to have your dominant hand is already extended. “If it’s out a little bit, it’s got less distance to travel,” says Jeffries. He also recommends stepping with the jab, moving your body forward as you throw the punch, as this will put momentum behind it.


Stepping with the jab and putting your body weight behind it will also help to increase the power of the punch. But there’s also a psychological element to this. “If you think that you’re going to punch hard, guess what happens,” says Jeffries. “You end up punching hard as well.”


“Where are you focusing when you’re punching, where are you aiming?” says Jeffries. “You want to be thinking about, if you’re hitting a heavy bag, aiming for the middle of the heavy bag. IF you’re aiming for the side, your arm’s going to come off. You want to be punching straight down the middle.”

Return Position

Something you’ll want to avoid, Jeffries explains, is dropping your hands after a punch. “Way too often, I’ll see people throw the jab, they’ll throw it, and then they’ll come down,” he says. “You want to go all the way out and all the way back, keeping your back hand up by your face at all times.”

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