Amazon shoppers love £5 brow tint that gives ‘same results as a salon’

Professional brow tints are a commitment.

Not to mention the ‘too dark’ phase you experience fresh out the salon, as it can take a few days to settle and reach and softer tone.

So, while some will religiously get their brows done by a beautician, others will want something more lowkey.

These days, brow products are becoming all the more sophisticated, allowing you to get a high-quality finish that lasts at home.

The go-to product for this, according to Amazon shoppers, is Schwarzkopf Brow Tint, which costs just £5.60 (down from £7).

The affordable tool comes in several colourways, so it works for a variety of hair tones.

Currently it’s sold in black, dark blonde, dark brown and light brown.

Astonishingly, there are more than 3,000 five-star reviews for the product, so it’s worth a go if brow tints are your thing.

So, how does it work?

Over a five to 10 minute application process, the gel will penetrate the hair shaft leaving behind colour that lasts for up to four weeks.

In one box you get up to 10 applications, so you can do the math on how cost effective the kit is.

It’s easy to use, being just a mix of colour cream and developer lotion, and Amazon reviewers have been backing this claim.

One person said: ‘I’ve been going to the beauty salon for the past few years to get my eyebrows tinted and didn’t think I’d have the skills to ever do my own but this kit is dead easy,’ while attaching impressive before and after shots.

In fact, many reviewers have been sharing their natural brows versus them post-tint, and the results are defined.

It works on greys too, as one person shared: ‘It’s easy to apply, smells pleasant and is quick and easy to get a natural eyebrow look.

‘I’m pleased with it as my greying eyebrows are dark blonde again, and everyone can see me scowling at them.’

It’s been a pandemic beauty saviour too, as people flocked to try it while salons were shut.

‘Due to the pandemic I am not having my eyebrows tinted and shaped at the salon and I simply had had enough of colouring my barely there eyebrows everyday with a mascara type brow tint.

‘I am very impressed with the ease of use and results in terms of colour and eyebrow condition, they feel so smooth,’ one person wrote.

The kit is also a good way to go if you’re unsure of how a tint would look on you and whether you’d like it – for first timers, it might just be the gateway to then going and getting a professional salon treatment.

The kit is currently on offer, so we suggest you order quickly if you’ve been on the prowl for a new at home brow tint kit.

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